A Grad Student Manifesto: An Exercise in Conscientious Praxis

  1. Map out the debates in the space that you occupy, and the space that you want to belong to.
  2. Observe actions. Go beyond right-sounding words and speeches, to closely observe the individual’s actions. Academia is rife with big talk. …

Writing up a messy field? A personal account of an iterative process

Priyanka Das


This piece deals with some of my ruminations post doing fieldwork in the Bombay film industry for my ongoing doctoral degree. It echoes both ‘productive’ contemplation and ‘anxious’ over-thinking on the gratifications and regrets, that…

  1. Storytellers, Saints, and Scoundrels — Kirin Narayan
  2. Killers of the Flower Moon — David Grann
  3. In the Realm of the Diamond Queen: Marginality in an Out-of-the-Way Place — Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing
  4. Tales of the Field: On Writing Ethnography — John Van Maanen
  5. Body and Soul: Notebooks of an Apprentice Boxer — Loic Wacqant

Media Anthropology

Blog of the Media Anthropology Research Collective — South Asia

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